A Trio of events on my writer’s journey

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Global handsHere’s the short version:

I’m hoping you’ll check out the promo for a chance to win books and an eReader, that you’ll visit the Australian site to peruse my article on Romantic Suspense, and that you’ll read my story, love it, and vote for me as your Reader’s Choice!

Read on for the details

I always knew that someday, when my season came along, I’d be a writer. But the life I pictured—spending quiet, uninterrupted hours tucked away tapping at the keyboard and sending my manuscripts off to a distant publisher in New York City—is vastly different from the reality.

Serene writingFor one thing, my time is neither as quiet or as uninterrupted as I would like. I find I can’t tap away for hours due to carpal tunnel and tennis elbow, so I have to break up my sessions with little walks and physical therapy and that messes with my focus. And while there are two publishers in NYC to whom I regularly send my manuscripts, my main dealings are with a west coast publisher or with myself, as an indie publisher.

And there’s never a span of time when I can just get lost in my writing. For better or worse, there’s always too much going on! My serene vision of a writer’s life like Joan Wilder in Romancing The Stone, holed away in an isolated apartment with only a cat for company, was way off the mark. Even though it’s not like I imagined it, and far more challenging than I ever anticipated, I still love it and I’m so grateful I’ve finally arrived at this season of my life.

Here’s the scoop on the promoBookSweeps Women Sleuths Promo

BookSweeps is including my novel, Nocturne In Ashes, in their Spyglass Sisters Women Sleuths promotion. Enter to win a copy of my book, get FREE books into the bargain, and a chance at winning a new eReader.

Lisa Gardner’s book, Look For Me, is in the promotion, as well as books by Laura Durham, Olivia Kiernan, Donna Huston Murray, Toby Neal, and a whole bunch more. But hurry, the promotion ends on Wednesday. Don’t miss out—enter to win!

Romance Down Under

Super romance writers MC Dalton and Melanie Page teamed up to create BookBaybz, a Queensland Australia online venue where they feature their own stories as well as hosting a variety of guests on their website. Last week, they invited me and posted an article I wrote titled, Romantic Suspense: A Match Made In Heaven. Here’s a small excerpt from the post:Australian Cliffside

“Romantic Suspense offers us a delicious flavor of unease, a prickle of danger in the air. We move forward with the suspicion that all is not as it seems. The best Romantic Suspense stories feature strong women in difficult situations, and the heroine is often isolated, either physically or emotionally, creating a sense of helplessness which she must overcome.”

I hope you’ll visit their website and read the rest of the article. They’ll also be featuring an interview with me on November 23rd, in their Chatting with Authors forum, so watch for that if you’re interested in learning more about my writing process.

And the Reader’s Choice Award goes to…

Fall Writing Contest 2018Yet again, I have a story up for a Reader’s Choice Award. While it’s an honor just to be nominated—oh who am I kidding? Every story entered in the contest is up for the award! That said, I’d still love it if you took time to read my very short story, titled Primeval, and maybe some of the other very short stories, and cast a vote for your favorite.

That’s about it for this report on my adventures as a writer. There’s lots more on the horizon, though. I’ve got another book promotion coming up in October, and a book release in November. I’m working on a couple of audio projects, a new novel, and a whole slate of other stories I’ll tell you about later.

Thanks for being here

I’m so glad to have you along on my journey as I learn how to get the stories from my head onto paper—or in most cases, digital format—and then get them to you, the reader who loves suspense as much as I do. You’re what makes all the hard work worth it. If I can bring you a bit of the pleasure other authors have given me, I’m a happy writer. Thank you.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

Please let me know if you entered the promo, or read the Bookbaybz article, or voted for your Reader’s Choice. Or if you’ve enjoyed reading any of my stories. Go ahead—make my day!

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