I invite you to travel back in crime

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I’m pleased to announce that the current issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem magazine is an invitation to travel back in crime.Your invitation to travel back in crime with Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem's latest release, Long Ago. #mystery #historical #reader

It features my story, “The Javelin in Her Hand,” a mystery suspense set during an era of political intrigue in Ancient Egypt. A woman dares call herself Pharaoh while forces around her jockey for position and assassins wait in the shadows.

Naunet, stripped of her beloved family, struggles under the bitter weight of betrayal and fights to survive and avenge, striking back with the only weapon she has left—the javelin in her hand.

A volume packed with historical suspense

Besides my story, there are nine more tales of mystery and suspense, covering a wide range of history. It’s a time-traveling tour through crimes of the past and those who worked to solve them and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Editor Leah Cutter had this to say about the issue:

I always enjoy putting together these anthologies, determining the emotional journey for the reader. It’s never a question of which story is best, because these stories are always such high quality. (I’m blessed and amazed by the writers I’m working with.) Instead, it’s more of a puzzle—kind of like a mystery—as to which story goes where in the flow and general arc of the whole.

One of the things that I’ve always found fascinating about history is that if you look, and I mean really look hard, at the people who came before us, they can be more alien than anything you’ve ever met in a science fiction setting. These people are truly foreign to us, with different ideas about what is ethical and what isn’t. What actually constitutes a crime changes drastically as the years go by. More than one of these stories explore those past crimes, those things which were crimes then—or that weren’t.

Invitation to travel back in crime

Cover of MCM: Long AgoI hope you’ll check out MCM: Long Ago and pick up a copy. Because crime isn’t a modern-day occurrence. It’s always been with us.

And with crime, comes the need to resolve that chaos.

Come see the various ways that crimes can be committed…and resolved.

Mystery, Crime and Mayhem, Issue 7: Long Ago.

It’s so Criminal, it’s Good!

How about you? Do you enjoy historical suspense? Do you have a favorite book about historical crime? Tell us about it in the comments.

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