It’s time to settle on a title!

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Picking a title is like being a kid in a candy store

Kid in a candy store

This is superb fun!

The manuscript is at the proofreader’s and while it goes through the final edits, I need to decide on the cover details and hire a designer. The most important detail, of course, is the title. For that, I am turning to my wonderful readers and fans. Will you help me narrow it down by casting your vote?

Please be a part of my publishing adventure and join me in choosing a title.

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What Leads A Man To Murder book cover

Did you download your free book?

I sent everyone on my email list a link, so I hope you got your copy of my latest book, What Leads A Man To Murder and are enjoying the stories. I’m hard at work on the next bonus release for my reader’s group—those of you who’ve signed up for my email. And if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up and get your free book and upcoming bonuses.

Tell me what you want, what you really really want.

Reader response from What Leads A Man To Murder tells me that readers like the notes I included after each story. I’m in the process, now, of writing such notes to include at the back of my novel. These notes will include how I got the idea for the story and how I developed that idea. They’ll also touch on how I researched the story and highlights from my interviews and reading material. I also plan to include at least one interactive website.

Do you do Goodreads?

If you participate in Goodreads, will you add my book? I installed a button on my website, right under the image of my book on the Short Stories tab, to make it super easy. Also, I wonder if you understand how important you are to me. Without my readers, there’s little point in doing what I do. It’s for you, and it means the world when I know readers are enjoying my work. If you like my books, please leave me a good review. It’s essential in helping new readers find my stories. So, if you enjoy them, please share!

Pick up a Joslyn Chase book for some fun summer reading

Gear up for summer reading!

I hope you plan on including my novel (title to be announced soon) in your summer reading lineup. What else is on your summer reading list? Leave me a comment—I ’d love to know.

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  1. Cassie says:

    I cannot wait to read your new thriller! Eight weeks, are you kidding me? My friend was an advance reader and she said she stayed up way too late reading because she couldn’t put it down. I’ll be watching for July 17, and looking for the weekly snippets on Facebook!

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