The Sights and Sounds of Story

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The sight and sound of story

When you go to the movie theater, do you enjoy watching the trailers that come before the featured film? Do you watch the sample snippet that triggers at the top of the screen when you visit Netflix? How about at the music store? Do you slip on the headphones and listen to what’s on offer?

I do. I love getting a taste of what’s new, forming an idea whether it’s something on which I want to spend time and money. Plus, it’s just fun. I love creation and creativity and get a kick out of seeing what people are putting together.

Sampling is fun.

I guess that’s why I’ve put so much time and effort into making book trailers and audio samples for my readers. Even complete audio stories.

I want to provide a variety of experiences for you to view and listen to, fun ways for you to learn more about my books and stories.

So if you’re like me, but you just haven’t had a chance to check them out, here’s a look at a few of my trailers and samples.

Nocturne In Ashes

Created by Nick Thomas, this trailer gives a small taste of some big action, imparting a sense of peril along with a pervading eeriness. For an explosive good read, grab Nocturne In Ashes! If you’d like a larger sample, listen to the audio.

Nocturne In Ashes audio sample

Over 45 minutes long, it gives you the first five chapters of the book in their entirety.

The Tower

Dramatic, heart-rending, and full of suspense. Fairy tale meets nightmare in this post WWII era story, answering one woman’s question: Can love triumph over evil? Don’t miss The Tower!

Death of a Muse

Meet David Peeler, one-of-a-kind sculptor skidding along on the tail end of life. He’s going, going, almost gone…and it would take a miracle to bring him back.

Sometimes, miracles happen. Even when there’s murder involved. Find out all about it in Death of a Muse.

There’s an audio sample for this one too.

Death of a Muse audio sample

Double Eclipse

I’ve always been fascinated by stories that weave together the lives of disparate characters. Those characters touch and influence each other’s trajectory, however briefly, just like real people pass each other all the time, often never knowing how they’ve changed someone’s life.

This is a theme you’ll see from me again and again. Double Eclipse intertwines the lives of two such characters beneath a total eclipse of the sun, combining murder mystery with thriller.

Beneath Babylon

There’s a prophecy in the book of Isaiah concerning the fate of Babylon, the Great: “Wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there.”

Something else lives there, too. Discover what lies Beneath Babylon.

This story is not for sale and is available exclusively to members of my readers’ group, a simple twice-monthly email providing access to updates and free bonuses. I love treating my readers and it makes me so happy to know they enjoy my gifts.

If you’d like to join us, sign up and get two free eBooks and a free audiobook. Plus, the opportunity to join my street team and maybe even score advance reader copies of my books before they’re released.

The Carson Effect

The clock is ticking down the last seconds of Adam Carson’s life. Unless he can figure out why he’s been marked for death and learn how to recapture what’s most important. Get the whole short story on audio.

The Carson Effect audio, full-length

Check out my YouTube channel for more videos and trailers and visit my Extras tab regularly to see what’s new. I’m always working on something.

Thank you so much! I’d love your opinion on the trailers. Which is your favorite? Am I missing something you’d like to see or hear? Please let me know in the comments.

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    Read your book Double Eclipse. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

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