The Devil’s Trumpet is out!

by JoslynChase in New Release

Cover for The Devil's TrumpetI’m thrilled to announce that my latest book has just been released—The Devil’s Trumpet is out!

If you’re craving a heart-ratcheting thriller along the lines of The Fugitive, you’ll want to grab your copy right now.

I have long been a fan of Thomas Perry’s Jane Whitefield series, and when I discovered the Jane Hawk books by Dean Koontz, I nearly swooned with suspense. I love reading this type of thriller, and writing one is just as fun and fulfilling.

I am pleased and excited to be bringing you this riveting and fast-paced book. Enjoy!

A bit more about it

Man holding phone with The Devil's Trumpet on the screenA chance discovery. An insidious evil.

Dr. Luka Sims holds a dangerous secret in her head, the last one alive to protect it. Alone and in danger, she runs for her life, targeted by a team of determined hunters.

Drawing upon her memories and her skills as a chemist, Luka evades her pursuers. But it’s only a matter of time before the devil blows his trumpet and all hell breaks loose.

Fans of Dean Koontz, Thomas Perry, and CJ Box will find a new favorite, so don’t miss this suspense-packed thrill ride.

The hunt is on!

Grab your copy of The Devil’s Trumpet today.

How about you? Do you appreciate the nail-biting suspense of a fast-paced pursuit story? What’s your favorite example? Tell us about it in the comments.


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