Story Power: What is it and why does it matter?

by JoslynChase in Free Stuff, Learning, Reading, Teaching

As a music teacher, writer, and public speaker, I have an appreciation for the power of Story.

I use it in my work every day to illustrate and demonstrate, to open eyes and minds and broaden the picture for my students and the receivers of my work. But the power of Story is by no means limited to the classroom, pen, or podium. It is in my roles as mother, neighbor, and member of various communities that Story Power really comes into play. It affects everyone, every day.

Whether you know it or not, Story power underlies, inspires, and informs the decisions of your life. Every day, it’s working for you. What is this mysterious power?

Story Power is in the narrative we tell ourselves to get us through the day.

It is the lesson we learn from the experiences of others. It is the framework, built by the past and resting upon generations of time and archetypes woven into our very souls, and upon which we base our future, our success, our happiness, even our very survival.

Story Power is the exhilaration we experience when we’re watching a stimulating movie or engrossed in a book. It is the logic of an algebraic equation, the foundation for the computer programs we use. It is all these things, and more.

It’s working in your life, automatically.

It’s hard-wired into your circuitry, part of the system which keeps you alive and operating. You don’t need to be aware of it…but it’s fascinating to peel back the layers and take a closer look. And learning more about Story Power can help you harness it, and use it to best effect.

Stick with me as I explore and share the power of Story. We’ll learn more about what it is and why it matters. Sign up for my reader’s group and I’ll keep you updated on what I discover and share some of my own stories with you, as well.

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