Spring has put me in a rhyming mood

by JoslynChase in Reading, Storytelling, Suspense, Writing

It’s Spring, and Spring has truly sprung

Don’t believe me? Ask my lungs

Their wheeze and gasp is problematic

It doesn’t pay to be asthmatic


And yet, my lack of air must not

Unseat me from my writing spot

I’ve words to craft and tales to tell

And so, my friends, I’ll bear it well


I’m pleased to say I’m working hard

To earn your trust and high regard

I want to be the one that brings

You wondrous books and give you wings


To worlds of mystery and suspense

Combining all the elements

That make a story satisfy

And beautify and mystify

And reader, if you ask me why

I’ll simply have to say


I love what books have done for me

the thrills that often come for me

the joy that story’s won for me

I’m working to repay


And so, my friend, for you I write

In hopes to bring you great delight

I thank you for your faith in me

For trusting my ability


To bring you books that you can love

And something you can be part of

To help me work and sweat and strive

And make my stories come alive


Thank you for all you do for me. I’m working hard every day for your reading enjoyment!

8 Responses to “Spring has put me in a rhyming mood”

  1. Tammie Milkes says:

    I love the poetry! ❤️ Yet another lovely talent you possess.

  2. Jeannie Matthews says:

    Thank you for sharing your worlds with us, the reader.
    To me, there is nothing neater!

    You allow us to get lost for a (short or long,) while.
    And for some, that’s what we need to smile.

    Let me forget my pain,
    Tammy is not noticing the rain.
    See she’s reading on the commute by train.
    And with reading there’s a lot to gain!

    Sometimes all it costs to get lost is a review,
    telling others my point of view.

    So, try to relax and know we appreciate all you do.
    Spring is here, breathe in the fresh air and believe in you, because we do!

    • JoslynChase says:

      Marvelous! I love your poetic response and I so appreciate your letting me know that what I do has a good impact in your life. You made my day!

  3. Dulcie says:

    That’s fun! I love your enthusiasm!!!!

  4. Selma Martin says:

    Joslyn, dear one, you have made me smile.
    “Frisk — sharpens you up!”
    (in a British accent)
    … that’s what I heard in my head after reading your
    lovely poem.
    Gave me clarity and
    left me with a crooked line on my lips, where a straight line used to be.

    Be well. Thanks for sharing this.

    • JoslynChase says:

      Hi Selma! Thank you so much. I’m very happy that you enjoyed the poem and drew some inspiration from it. I appreciate your continuing support!

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