Nocturne In Ashes joins Fast-Paced Thrillers Giveaway!

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Nocturne In Ashes joins the BookSweeps Fast-Paced Thrillers GiveawayHello thriller fans! I’m pleased to announce that BookSweeps is including my novel, Nocturne In Ashes, in their Fast-Paced Thrillers Giveaway.

I invite you to enter to win a bundle of terrific, fast-paced thrillers, as well as a brand new eReader. Plus, you’ll get the chance to receive some free books from participating authors. I always consider it an honor to be part of a BookSweeps giveaway.

Nocturne In Ashes is the first book in my Riley Forte series. I’m currently working on the next three books, to be released next year. The story in Nocturne takes place against the backdrop of an exploding volcano and it involves action adventure, intrigue, suspense, and peril as Riley fights to hang on to the one thing she has left—her life, and the one thing she needs to turn it around—redemption.

The book is well-reviewed on Amazon, with 47 ratings adding up to 41/2 stars. Here’s what one reviewer said: “Just when I thought I had the killer in a cage, a bombshell reveal, chapters later, knocked me out of the park. This book is a force to be reckoned with and a must for the avid reader.” 

Take a sneak peek

I’m one of those people who enjoy trailers. If you are too, I hope you’ll take a moment to watch this:

Same setting, different characters

Nocturne and Steadman togetherIn Nocturne, Riley and those she’s with combat the effects of a major disaster and a murderer among them. They try contacting the sheriff’s office for help, but it takes three days for the deputies to arrive. Those deputies have their own story full of twists and nail-biting suspense, told in the paraquel novel, Steadman’s Blind.

Click here for an interactive video to see more about Nocturne In Ashes and Steadman’s Blind and how they intertwine to form an intense and thrilling tour de force. Even if you haven’t read Nocturne, I recommend choosing the path with possible spoilers. I don’t think I give away too much!

Enter to win

I hope you’ll take a moment to enter the BookSweeps Fast-Paced Thriller Giveway, and I wish you the best of luck. After you enter, leave me a comment to let me know!



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