Nine thrilling stories from nine masters of suspense!

by JoslynChase in New Release, Suspense

And Then There Were Nine book coverDo you love stories that keep you guessing and wondering, on the edge of your seat with prickling suspense? Do you enjoy the frisson of the unknown, when things are not as they appear on the surface?

I do! I love creating such stories, and I love sharing them with my readers. I wanted to bring some of my favorite writers together for a special volume of suspense, and I’m thrilled to present the resulting collection of marvelous stories. The title is a tribute to Agatha Christie that mystery lovers will appreciate: And Then There Were Nine.

Here’s what’s inside

The book kicks off with a mind-blowing start in Robert T. Jeschonek’s tale of love and sacrifice, and moves like a bullet train through eight more deliciously suspenseful stories. Here’s the lineup:

The Foolproof Cure for Cancer, by Robert T. Jeschonek

Angel of Mercy, by Jason A. Adams

Four Dead Men In A Field, by Jeff Elkins

The Sixth Street Shelter, by Ichabod Ebenezer

Kissed By The Snow Angel, by Joslyn Chase

The Sound of Murder, by Kari Kilgore

The Kids Keep Coming, by David H. Hendrickson

Happy Anniversary, by M. MacKinnon

Strike Two, by Annie Reed

Watch the video trailer

Personally, I enjoy watching trailers. They put me in the mood, whet my appetite, and get me ready for a great reading or viewing experience. That’s what a good trailer ought to do, and I hope I’ve created a good one.

Why not watch it and see what you think!

There’s more to come

Stay tuned, because I’m going to be sharing more about the stories in this collection, and the authors who wrote them, over the coming weeks. If you love mystery and suspense, you’re sure to find a new favorite in the mix. Maybe even nine of them!

How about you? Are you a big fan of suspense fiction? Excited about finding a new favorite? Tell us about it in the comments.

4 Responses to “Nine thrilling stories from nine masters of suspense!”

  1. So excited to be a part of this ambitious enterprise…and who wouldn’t be thrilled to share a story in an anthology named (loosely, but who’s judging?) after an Agatha Christie novel? Hope everyone enjoys what we’ve prepared for you.

    • JoslynChase says:

      Yes, and thanks for your comment. I’m really pleased with this collection and hope readers will enjoy the heck out of it!


    A rare chance to experience a selection of authors who are new to me. Their narratives appeal to the reader in me and I look forward to absorbing what they have to offer. Who knows where this will lead me.

    • JoslynChase says:

      Hi Judith! I’m happy you’re looking forward to reading this collection, and very pleased to be offering it to you. Thanks so much for commenting!

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