New wedding-themed mystery anthology with prizes for solving!

by JoslynChase in New Release

Woman holding Malice, Matrimony, and MurderIf you like mystery, suspense, and solving clues, you’re in for a real treat with Malice, Matrimony, and Murder: A Limited Edition Collection of 25 Wedding Cozy Mystery and Crime Fiction Stories.

What’s more, there’s an overarching murder mystery woven throughout the stories, and if you solve it, you gain access to a special ebook filled with bonuses and extras, including added stories, recipes, character interviews, and more!

My story, “The Groom’s Club”

Cathryn Harcourt, first 3 in seriesI was invited to contribute a wedding-themed mystery story to the collection, so I wrote a new Cathryn Harcourt story, “The Groom’s Club.” I had a blast writing this fun mystery, and I think readers will enjoy Cathryn’s wild wedding caper.

While attending a wedding with a friend, Cathryn gets caught up in some mischievous gift-giving. But when things go awry, she finds herself aiding and abetting a murder suspect while she races the clock to solve the crime and stop the murderer.

This is the latest in the Cathryn Harcourt Mystery series, and it won’t be available anywhere else until 2025. So be sure to grab your fun-filled copy of Malice, Matrimony, and Murder. Available now for preorder!

From the editor

Wedding basket with Malice, Matrimony, and MurderEveryone loves a good wedding–and a good mystery. Combine the two and what do you get? Malice, Matrimony, and Murder!

Over two dozen authors have teamed up to offer you this wedding-themed collection of brand-new cozy mystery and cozy crime fiction stories that will keep you wondering whodunit and what’s next from the first page to the last.

Between bad bridesmaids, conniving caterers, greedy guests, ill-mannered in-laws, savvy sleuths, and vengeful villains, this anthology has it all! All of the stories are clean and fun, with a general feel-good tone.

If you read to be entertained, surprised, and uplifted, then this collection is for you!

Hands holding Malice, Matrimony, and MurderIf you’re drawn to shorter mysteries that are light on gore and language, and high on humor, entertainment, and happy endings, then you don’t want to miss out on Malice, Matrimony, and Murder.

But this collection is only available for a limited-time, so grab it now before it’s gone forever!

How about you? Love a good wedding mystery? Looking forward to solving the overarching whodunit? Let us know in the comments!


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