Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem’s latest release!

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I’m thrilled to announce that I have a story in the latest issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem: Passionate Crimes!The exciting new issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem is full of passionate crimes, including my art heist story. #crimes #mystery #heist

As it says in the book description, passion causes people to do strange things. Sometimes criminal things. And there are plenty of interesting instances in MCM’s latest release to back up that statement.

I really enjoyed researching and writing the story that appears in the magazine, titled, “Still in The Family.” I wrote it while I was locked down in quarantine, shortly after arriving in Germany, and so I set the story—a fun little art heist—in Bavaria.

The stories in this issue are surprisingly varied, with something for every reader to enjoy. Each of us is passionate about something and will be able to relate to the characters in these tales.

Here’s what Leah Cutter, editor for the magazine, had to say about the issue:

Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem Passionate Crimes comes in electonic and paperback“One of the things that I adore about being the editor for MCM are all the different takes that the writers do on a theme. I should know better, but I have these preconceptions about what sorts of stories the writers will produce.

They end up surprising me every single time. Always in a good way.”

A little taste of what’s inside

Like I mentioned, my story, “Still in The Family,” involves a little art thievery—justified because the painting in question had been unjustly, albeit legally, taken from its rightful owner. Who can’t get behind a little harmless vigilante justice, right?

Art GalleryA few other favorites of mine from this issue are “Piano Girl,” by Steve Liskow, about a mysterious and troubled woman who shows up in a bar to delight and entice with her skill on the ivories, and “A Quiet Neighborhood,” by Annie Reed, whom I recently interviewed on this blog. Her story involves a baffling murder in a quiet neighborhood, and the tragic circumstances behind it.

Take a moment for the trailer

I invite you to watch the trailer for MCM: Passionate Crimes. And make sure you grab your copy and get reading!

The magazine is available at AmazonBarnes & NobleApple BooksKobo, and in paperback.

Thanks so much for your continuing interest and support on my writer’s journey. It’s great to have you with me!

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    already bought the book on kobo can hardly wait to read but have 1 book ahead of it

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