Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem explores the depths of betrayal

by JoslynChase in New Release, Reading, Suspense

MCM Betrayal billboard on a street in LondonPacked with spine-chilling stories and heart-pounding suspense, Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem’s latest issue explores the depths of betrayal in all its insidious forms.

Betrayals manifest in a variety of ways and carry different degrees of impact. From subtle backstabs by trusted allies to larger-than-life schemes plotted maliciously, betrayal enmeshes itself into our world in complex webs of duplicity and double dealing

Come read the latest issue of MCM, and get the syndicate’s take on being betrayed.

Colder Than Gazpacho

Woman looks at MCM Betrayal framed art in galleryI’m excited to announce that the issue features my latest Cathryn Harcourt mystery, “Colder Than Gazpacho.” While researching her next novel in southern Spain, Cathryn runs into an old friend with a new problem and finds herself entrenched in a frightening scheme of revenge and deception.

When helping her friend makes Cathryn herself the target of a merciless killer, will her wits and courage be enough to save her?

Grab Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem: Betrayal to read and find out!

How about you? When it comes to betrayal stories, there are some real greats to choose from—The Count of Monte Cristo, The Girl on the Train, 1984, The Italian Job, to name a few. What’s your favorite story steeped in betrayal? Tell us about it in the comments.

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