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Advance readers love the new Joslyn Chase thriller, Nocturne In Ashes

Wow, it’s been a long pull, but we’re now only days away from my book release.

I can’t wait for you to read it. The motivating force behind my writing is that I want to provide the kind of thrilling, suspenseful experience for my readers that others have done for me. I really hope you have a blast reading the book and I’m so glad you’re taking this journey with me.

If you want to hear about nail-biting suspense, try this on.

I’m still waiting on the final cover. One week out, and my cover designer is leaving me hanging. I don’t know how badly this will affect my release schedule, but it’s likely to throw a kink in my promotion efforts. I’m trying to swing it so the book is free for the first three days. But without a cover, I can’t move forward with it and it’s not the sort of process that can turn on a dime. Bottom line, I will find a way to make it free for a period of time and I will let you know. I want to reward my faithful readers, and encourage you to read and leave a review for me!

Here’s what’s going on the back cover and under the sales description on Amazon:

Now she’s playing for her life!

With the death of her husband and son, concert pianist Riley Forte’s life and career shattered. Her comeback performance bombs, her sponsor pulls out, and she faces the tattered ruins of a once-happy life.

When Mt. Rainier erupts, isolating her in a small community stalked by a serial killer, it seems like the end of everything, but it brings a new chance for Riley.

If she can evade the clutches of a dedicated killer.

In a riveting action story filled with breathtaking suspense, Riley fights to hang on to the one thing she has left—her life, and the one thing she needs to turn it around—redemption.

Interview with the Author

Q – So, what makes the Riley Forte books so special?

A – Without a doubt, it’s Riley Forte. She’s a special sort of protagonist—wounded and flawed, yet gifted with a full mixture of talent, intelligence, unique abilities, and the human desire to connect, to make a difference, to matter to someone.

My hope for the series is to give Riley opportunities to make a difference as she passes through puzzles and challenges. I also want to create a lot of suspense and thrills for my readers. In short, I want to provide a series of satisfying reading experiences full of mystery and suspense, with a hint of romance.

Overall, the Riley Forte series is designed to keep you turning the pages – and I’m working to make sure there’s never a dull moment.

Q – So, why should readers give these books a try?

A – Because, not only are the books fun to read and full of thrills, but they will open a whole new dimension that most readers don’t even know exists. Riley is all about music and, at heart, she is a teacher, and nothing thrills her more than opening up the fascinating vista of music that stretches far beyond what most people ever see, hear, or know about.

Readers who enjoy suspense, mystery, and music, and revel in plot twists and puzzles are sure to love the Riley Forte books.

Q – How can readers learn more about Joslyn Chase?

A – Let me count the ways…

Go to my website

Visit my Author Page at Goodreads or Amazon

Check out the interview I did with Smashwords

Or connect with me on Facebook

And here’s my snippet gallery…

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I hope that gets you in the mood to read my thriller!

I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and be sure to watch for my book.

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