Interesting notes on the Dead Drop

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Riley's Private EyeSo, if you’ve been following along, you know that I’m currently working on the next book in the Riley Forte Suspense Thriller series that started with Nocturne in Ashes. In this book, Riley goes to spy school to learn the skills she’ll need to go undercover.

In my research, I’m learning all kinds of fascinating details, and in today’s post, I’m sharing some interesting notes on a spy technique called the Dead Drop.

I’ll do that by revealing a sneak peek from the book in progress, taken from a lecture given by one of the spy school instructors, an ex-CIA chief who had charge of the Technical Services department. These are the people responsible for coming up with the gadgets and devices spies use to accomplish their missions.

If you’re a Bond fan, you know them as “Q.”

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Here’s a snippet from the class instruction Riley receives before setting off to perform her first hands-on exercise as a spy:Snippet from Dead Drop lecture

This is just a tiny taste

Discover the Thrill of Chase!This story is absolutely packed with suspense, intrigue, and pulse-pounding action, with doses of heartache, humor, and heroism mixed in for good measure. I am having a blast writing the manuscript, and I can’t wait to share the finished book with you somewhere down the road.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures in writing, and thanks so much for being a part of the journey!

How about you? Do you have a fascination for spy gadgets and techniques? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  1. Cathy Ryan says:

    No gadgets or special techniques but wanted to say ‘hi.’ Good to hear you and your research are doing well.

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