I promise to mystify, fascinate, and entertain

by JoslynChase in Reading, Story Power, Writing

Handshake over BookAs a reader, when you open a book, you have certain expectations. You’re in a sort of agreement with the writer. Your part is to give the book a fair try, suspend disbelief where reasonable, and enter in with the intention of enjoying the book.

The writer’s part is to fulfill the promise they made when they chose the title, cover, genre, and book description. Their aim is to deliver a story that hits your targets and rewards your trust. Their goal is a happy reader.

When both do their parts, it’s a marvelous thing.


That’s what I’m here for

As a writer, I want to make that happen for my readers. When you give my books a chance, I want to provide a superb reading experience that brings you enjoyment, satisfaction, and builds our relationship. And yes, we do have a relationship.

I write for you. Every day when I sit down at the keyboard, I think about you and I work to create something I think you’ll enjoy. And when I’m finished, having done the best I can, I make it available to you. And you take it from there.

It’s a two-way thing—you and me.

My occupational hazard


Image by Roman Paroubek from Pixabay

I know you want to be entertained, that you’re interested in the unusual and thought-provoking, not the mundane. For this reason, I keep my eyes open for bits and pieces I can use to color my stories, and sometimes I come across some crazy items. Just for fun, let me mention a few I recently encountered.

  • In the 1300s, King Edward III banned children from playing the game of tag.
  • More people have been killed by vending machines than by sharks
  • Our taste buds perceive five flavors: salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami (savory)
  • The Beatles’ once used the band name “Johnny and The Moondogs”
  • An entire starfish can regenerate from a single broken-off arm segment
  • Jousting is the official sport of Maryland
  • When Apollo 11 landed, it only had 20 seconds of remaining fuel
  • Each year it rains fish in the Honduran city of Yoro
  • Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd largely funded the Monty Python & The Holy Grail movie

My point in sharing these is that I’m always looking for ways to bring you a richer, more exciting reading experience. I want to do that for you, and I’m grateful when you allow me the opportunity.

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How about you? Come across any amazing or incredible facts lately you’d like to share? Do you love reading a book that meets your fondest expectations? Tell us about it in the comments.

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