I have a new book out, and it’s on Kindle Vella!

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You may have heard of the new Amazon book platform, Kindle Vella. It’s a way to read stories one episode at a time, unlocking new episodes as you go along. Falling for The Lost Dutchman, exciting new book on Kindle Vella! #legend #superstition #mystery

I’m delighted to announce that I have a new book out, called Falling for The Lost Dutchman, and it’s on Kindle Vella!

To let you know a little about how Vella works, the first three episodes of any story are free. Then, to unlock further episodes, you purchase and use tokens. Right now, you can get 200 tokens for free by clicking the FREE Tokens key at the top right-hand side of the Kindle Vella page.

Every week you use tokens, you’ll earn a crown which you can award to your favorite story of the week. May I ask, if you enjoy my story, that you crown me!

Why not try it out? You can either download an app for your device or simply read your chosen book in the browser, which is what I’ve been doing. You get three whole episodes free, giving you time to decide if you like the story enough to continue before investing your tokens.

Take a look at my new book: Falling for The Lost Dutchman

More about the story

Somewhere in the Superstition Mountains, a fabulous gold mine lays hidden. Hundreds have searched for it and many have surrendered their lives in the pursuit.

When Jay Bohmer’s best friend buys a historic item at auction that contains a new clue to the Lost Dutchman’s location, the two of them set off on a treasure hunt adventure.

But only one of them will return.

If you love a suspenseful murder mystery with a vibrant, fascinating setting, grab Falling for The Lost Dutchman today!

My personal connection to the legend

Arizona cliffsI grew up in southern Arizona, and my father had an abiding interest in the legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Mine. Not far from our home, was a theme park known as Legend City, and its most famous rides were based on the Dutchman legend.

There’s a funny story about how I, myself, came to be part of the legend! If you’re interested, I wrote something about that in my post, The enduring legend of The Lost Dutchman.

There are many fascinating stories around the legend. I hope you’ll grab my new book today and enjoy my first mystery set in the Superstition Mountains. I think there will be more to come!

How about you? Have you heard about the legend of The Lost Dutchman? What’s your favorite legend to read about? Tell us about it in the comments.

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