Here’s what I’ve been reading lately

by JoslynChase in Reading

Lots of booksSometimes readers ask about the kinds of books I like to read or movies and television that I watch. And it goes both ways. I like to hear about my readers’ favorite books, movies, or television. After all, I’m an entertainer, so I like to know what my readers find most entertaining.

And, I’m always on the lookout for a great reading or viewing experience for myself. Here, now, and forever, I’m a reader first. So here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

I’m always consuming multiple books at a time. I reach for an audiobook when I’m exercising, doing housework, or driving. I try to take half and hour a day just to sit down with a novel in print form. I also make an effort to keep up with reading the short stories from my subscription to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

By the way, I’ll mention here that I have a new story available in the current issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine! They’ve even included an excerpt from the story on their website.

And I’m usually reading at least one non-fiction book as well. And I watch multiple movies and television shows when I get the chance.

You might think I get the stories mixed up in my head, but surprisingly, I don’t.

Books in my recent past and future

Girl reading on couchA few weeks ago, I listened to the audiobook version of Lucy Foley’s The Guest List, a story inspired by Agatha Christie’s famous book, And Then There Were None. I enjoyed this restyling so much that the next audiobook I picked up was another Foley, called The Hunting Party. I just finished listening to that one, and liked it too. I also recently listened to the audio version of A Superior Death, by Nevada Barr and The Cruelest Month, by Louise Penny and I enjoyed them both very much.

As for novels in print, I recently reread Dean Koontz’s very interesting book, Life Expectancy, which was my favorite Koontz book until last year when I discovered and devoured the Jane Hawk series. I’m currently reading A Walk Among the Tombstones, by Lawrence Block. Next on my stack are John Sandford’s Winter Prey and maybe Maze, by Larry Collins.

For non-fiction, I just picked up Sue Grafton’s Kinsey and Me and I’ve been working my way through a very excellent book on the craft of screenwriting by Karl Iglesias, called Writing for Emotional Impact.

I feel a Ruth Ware craving coming on, so I may soon be scrounging for one of her books next.

On the little screen and the big one

Cinema doorsI like to snatch some time for TV while folding laundry, on a lunch break, or in the evenings with my husband. When I’m on my own, I’ve lately been watching Vera and Death in Paradise on BritBox. I just finished off the last episode of Vera and I’m just ready to begin watching the final episode of season ten of Death in Paradise, so I’ll need to find something new to fill my British mystery drama needs. Open for suggestions ☺

My husband and I are binge watching Suits before bedtime. We’re halfway through season five, and since there are nine seasons, we’ve got a while to go before we run out.

On the weekends, we like to watch a thriller. We find something on Netflix or from our DVD collection. Last weekend we rewatched Skyfall, one of my favorite Bond films.

We haven’t been to a real movie theater since before Covid came along, but I just saw that our local theaters are opening up, so maybe we’ll venture out and catch something currently showing soon.

How about you? What do you like to read and watch? What are your favorites? Share it with us in the comments.


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