Enough about me…let’s talk about you!

by JoslynChase in Learning, Reading, Thrill, Writing

Tell Me About Yourself

I’m so glad you’re sharing my adventure.

I’m very grateful to my readers and all of you who support me as I learn and grow as a writer. I love the whole creative process–from idea to outline to first draft to polishing to…everything that comes after that. Which is why I’m on this adventure. I share it with you because I find it fascinating and dare to hope that you do too. Many of my readers are also writers, and even those of you who have no intention or desire to write may find some aspects of the art and craft of storytelling to be quite interesting.

It really comes down to you.

Of course, I’m going to write the story that seizes me by the throat, the one that keeps me up at night thinking up new twists and turns. But, it’s also important to me that I please my readers. I want to know more about what grabs your interest, what kind of reading experience you find most satisfying.

I’m a reader, too. I’ve been devouring books for decades, long before I started writing. I read a ton of non-fiction, but I fell in life-long love with suspense fiction in the second grade and I spent my summers in the library, staked out in the mystery stacks. Every now and then, I find a book that just immerses me, that creates such an intense or wonderful reaction in me that I’m nearly in awe.

That’s what fuels my desire as a writer.

I want to do for you what those books did for me. I study and work and learn with the hope that someday I can accomplish that dream. Anytime I see someone reading, I always want to ask about it and find out who their favorite writers are and what they like about those books.

That’s what I want to ask you now. I’d love to hear more from my readers about what they like in a story. Please take a moment to tell me a little more about yourself and what you like best to read. Leave your comment below.

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