Breakneck is now available and I’m thrilled!

by JoslynChase in New Release

Breakneck now availableI’m thrilled to announce that my story, “Green Storm Rising” is featured in the brand new release of Breakneck: Nine Gripping High-Speed Thrillers, and it’s available now at your favorite bookseller.

I’m delighted to be included in this anthology with some very exciting thriller writers and I’ll be getting the chance to interview all of them soon so you can get to know them too. I’ll share those interviews here over the coming months, so stay tuned.

And now, I’m excited to tell you a little more about Breakneck! Here’s the publisher’s description:

Strap in and hang on!

Breakneck CoverDiverse, entertaining, and wonderfully fast-paced! These thrilling tales showcase the talents of nine superb suspense writers you’ll love meeting.

A lone man braves the wilds of Alaska to save a town from brutal annihilation.

A grocery shopper intervenes in a store shooting and gets more than he bargained for.

A retired Army cop goes up against a cold-blooded killer to exonerate his own name and close a murder case.

And more. Lots more.

Get your pulse tingling with these short story gems. Strap in and hang on—it’s Breakneck time!

And there’s a trailer!

Green Storm Rising

My contribution to the anthology is from my Tal Bannerman series, a fast-paced thriller adventure with a comic Get Smart sort of vibe. It’s called “Green Storm Rising” because it’s about a devious scientist who harnesses the power of the aurora borealis into a weapon of mass destruction, threatening to unleash it on a townful of innocents.

Get Breakneck nowAgent Bannerman heads into the wilds of Alaska in December, determined to secure the Geomagnetic Concentrator and stop the ruthless demonstration of its power. With a green storm on the rise, savage animals crazed by the weapon’s frequencies, and the warring powers of nations nipping at his heels, Tal faces his greatest challenge yet.

Will he find a way to capture the weapon and save the day?

“Green Storm Rising” is an exciting part of the new release, Breakneck: Nine Gripping High-Speed Thrillers. Grab your copy today. Strap in and hang on for riveting action and suspense!

Free for your reading enjoyment

Breakneck is now FREE at most book retailers, so pick up your copy now. Certain booksellers may be charging a small price for the book—but whatever you pay, the book will be more than worth it! Nine gripping stories, from nine fabulous writers of suspense. Don’t miss this!

And be sure to watch for the upcoming interviews. They’re sure to be as interesting as those I did for my last anthology, And Then There Were Nine. That time, I got to interview fantastic writers like David H. Hendrickson, Robert Jeschonek, and Annie Reed.

Good times!

How about you? Have you grabbed your copy yet? Have you read the book? Tell us about it in the comments.

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