The Sodden Spectators


Book smart and beyond…

Mystery novelist Cathryn Harcourt never met a mystery she couldn’t solve…in the pages of her own books.

Faced with a real-life puzzle on which hangs the happiness of two young lovers, can she find a solution before they’re forced apart?

And when the stakes rise higher than anyone imagined, can she outsmart a wily, unsuspected murderer?

Join Cathryn as she travels from Kentucky to Brazil on the tracks of a clever killer.

The Sodden Spectators collection features two bonus stories: A Simple Glass of Water and Blessings and Curses on a Calico Cat

Her thirst rocked his world…

Who knew a simple glass of water could hold so much?

And that it could change from half empty to half full in the course of a day.

It carried the seeds of Ruben’s destruction, turned his world upside down, and drowned him in despair.

Might it also offer the key to his salvation?

Luck be a lady…

If curiosity killed the cat, it sat behind the wheel of a white Chrysler LeBaron the day Mrs. Friskers died.

A young woman, raised on a diet of superstition, struggles to chop away the apron strings and prove her worth to a persnickety, white-gloved mama.

The loss of her mouse-killing cat makes the battle twice as hard.

And twice as lonely.

A humorous and heart-warming story of a young woman learning to stand on her own.