Rachmaninoff’s Peasant


Music school can be murder…

In the high-stakes world of Kristelhof Fine Arts Academy, pianist Georgia Findlay plays to win.

The high-tension level of talent, drive, and competition on campus keeps students scrambling for position, but Georgia never misses a quarter of a beat.

Not even the death of her best mentor slows her down.

The story of a cutthroat rivalry and one girl’s break from the life of a peasant in a bid for the golden crown.

Rachmaninoff’s Peasant includes the bonus story What Leads A Man To Murder

One woman, dead by midnight. Snuffed out in a gush of blood and water, like the day she came in. Naked in body and soul.

One man, wondering what makes a killer. What twisted workings of fate and character lead one person to steal the life of another?

Neil Anderson starts his day with two things on his lips—a cup of strong coffee and this question:

What leads a man to murder?

Before day’s end, he’ll learn more about it than he ever wanted to know.