Furrows run deep…

A countryside mental facility, isolated in the hills of rural Virginia.

An award-winning psychiatrist, reticent about revealing his methods.

An ambitious journalist, still a little green around the edges.

When the three come together under mysterious circumstances, mischief rules the day.

Not the benevolent kind.

Experience the thrill and horror of Gladwell Hollow and uncover the secrets of its deepest furrows.

The Furrows collection includes two bonuses: Bedtime Story and Absolution.

Question your cravings…

A dark creature comes to Pine Hollow.

Unbidden, unseen, it invades the homes—and children—of the neighborhood, even as a bright young boy makes a horrifying discovery that will put his name on the scientific map.

And doom his classmates to an unthinkable fate.

The dilemma tests the limits of Adam Sterling’s courage…and his conscience.

The weight of his deed overwhelmed him…

A dying man. A reluctant priest.

Father Lucas helped lighten the load for sinful folks every day, but now he faced an extraordinary confession—one he’d rather not hear.

The petitioner spoke. Father Lucas listened. A mystifying tale tinged with mercy, guilt, and tragedy unfolded.

The last thing Father Lucas expected to hear.