Black Widows in Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem

by JoslynChase in New Release

International headlines and MCM Black Widows issueThe Dame. The Femme Fatal. The Gold Digger. That’s what you’ll find in the latest issue of MCM magazine—stories of Black Widows in Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem.

I’m pleased to announce my story, “Beyond The Horizon,” is part of this issue and I share space with some of today’s best rising suspense writers. Like Christy Fifield, David H. Hendrickson, Cate Martin, and Jackie Ross Flaum.

My heroine in “Beyond The Horizon” can’t help investigating when the love of her life falls for a mysterious stranger. She peels back the layers to expose the chilling truth, but will she be too late to prevent another tragedy and save the man she loves?

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Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem. So Criminal, It’s Good!

Past issues to check out

Trio of MCM coversMy stories have appeared in several past issues of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem magazine. In Crime In The Countryside, my series character, Cathryn Harcourt, snoops into the workings of an international spy ring.

My art heist story, “Still In The Family,” is part of the Passionate Crimes issue.

The Long Ago issue includes my story set in ancient Egypt, “The Javelin in Her Hand.”

And my story in The Contract issue features a reader favorite—my series duo Steadman and Frost, first introduced in Steadman’s Blind.

I hope you’ll find a lot to love in the pages of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem. And in all my books. Thank you for reading, reviewing, purchasing, sharing, and all you do to make my writer’s life worth all the effort.

I appreciate you!

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