A daring thief. A challenging heist.

by JoslynChase, July 8, 2024 in Mystery, New Release, Storytelling, Suspense

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, July/August 2024 features my story of a daring thief engaged in a challenging heistIf you love heist stories, like Oceans Eleven, The Italian Job, or any of Donald Westlake’s Dortmunder tales, you’ll get a kick out of my addition to the latest issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, “Delivering the Egg MacGuffin.”

It’s one of those layered stories that brings a surprise with each unfolding angle and features a daring thief engaged in a challenging heist. Gripping, fast-paced, and threaded through with a bright ribbon of humor, this is one story you won’t want to miss this summer.

Woman holding up July/August issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine with my story of a daring thief and a challenging heistI’ve been a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine since I discovered a stack of them in my grandma’s basement the year I turned thirteen. I opened the cover and was immediately immersed in a world of mystery and suspense that had a great and lasting impact on what I am and what I do today.

A lifelong dream fulfilled when my story, The Wolf and Lamb, made the cover of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery MagazineThe first Joslyn Chase story editor Linda Landrigan bought for the magazine was featured as the cover story, the fulfillment of a dream I’d had since those long-ago summer days in the dark and cool of grandma’s basement.

It was called The Wolf and Lamb, and it told the story of a naive young woman thrust into the frightening world of Whitechapel while a killer, known as Jack the Ripper, stalked the streets of London.

The magazine also featured me on their podcast, reading the story. If you’d like to listen to me tell the story in my own words, catch it here!

You can also enjoy The Wolf & Lamb as part of my Historic Suspense series.

Woman reading the July/August 2024 issue of AHMMSince that first story, AHMM has published a number of my stories, including a Christmas story last year and another Christmas story coming up this next holiday season. I’m thrilled to have my work appear among the spectacular and spellbinding stories of this excellent mystery magazine.

My favorite part of being a mystery writer is creating that kind of wonderful, thrilling, surprising world for you to enjoy.

Thank you so much for helping me to do that. Every time you purchase, read, review, share, comment, or simply enjoy my books and stories you’re helping me live the dream. You make a real difference in my life, and I hope I’m contributing something good to yours, as well.

You can get your hands on the latest issue of AHMM here, and I hope you’ll love reading my fun story, “Delivering the Egg MacGuffin,” featuring a daring thief and a challenging heist.

How about you? Do you love a good heist story? Tell us about your favorite in the comments!

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