A book of thrilling train-themed mysteries!

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Cover for MCM: Blood on the TracksThe gentle swaying motion as the train moves along the track.

The mesmerizing clackety-clack from beneath your feet.

The fascinating glimpses of passing scenery as you gaze out the window.

Most every reader can appreciate a good railroad story. And if you love suspense fiction, you’ll want to scoop up a copy of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem’s latest release—a book of thrilling train-themed mysteries.

Including one of mine!

Steadman and Frost are on board

Steadman Mysteries, first 3 in seriesThe popular crime-solving duo, Chief Steadman and Deputy Frost, join a cast of intriguing characters for my story in this issue of MCM, a tale called “Miscarriage of Justice.”

The story takes place on a vintage steam locomotive, a new enterprise spawned by the wealthy entrepreneur, Milton Chandler. The train full of passengers sets off through the Pacific Northwest countryside for a luxurious weekend spree including a symphony concert and a trip to the beach.

But those best-laid plans jump the track when sabotage and murder strike on board.

Grab your copy of MCM: Blood on the Tracks and let the adventure begin!

A word from the editor

Blood on the Tracks stacked on table with other booksReaders always romanticize train travel, even if it’s just a quick commute into the city.


Trains are packed full of people with their own agendas, their own stories, their own need for revenge or escape.

Frequently in these traveling conveyances, crime occurs. Either in the trains themselves, or on the tracks.

What sort of crimes?

MCM: Blood on the Tracks in historical settingThe MCM Syndicate of writers answers this question with fascinating stories that are historic, semi-historic, as well as set in modern day.

Plus, we have the wonderful K.L. Abrahamson joining us as a special guest author for this issue.

Come enjoy new tales of mysteries that occur on or near trains.

So criminal, it’s good.

Available now at your favorite bookseller.

How about you? Do you enjoy train travel? Have you had an adventure aboard a train? Tell us about it in the comments.




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