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Cover for The Devil's Trumpet

The Devil’s Trumpet:

A chance discovery. An insidious evil. Dr. Luka Sims holds a dangerous secret in her head, the last one alive to protect it. Alone and in danger, she runs for her life, targeted by a team of determined hunters. Drawing upon her memories and her skills as a chemist, Luka evades her pursuers. But it’s […]

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Autumn leaf and The Best Mystery Stories of the Year

It’s here! The Best Mystery Stories of the Year!

by JoslynChase in New Release

As a big fan of mystery short stories, I anxiously wait every year for the “best of” anthologies to come out. They are packed with great stories from a selection of well-known mystery authors and new names to follow. This year, I’m especially excited to announce the release of The Best Mystery Stories of the […]

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Putting Library Cases back on the shelf

A mysterious stranger moves in next door

by JoslynChase in New Release

A mysterious—and sinister—stranger moves in next door, sending Cathryn Harcourt’s crime-snooping instincts into high gear. That’s the jumping-off point for my new story, “Because of Louisa”, featured in the current issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem. The MCM edition is titled, Library Cases, and centers on stories involving libraries, and the people that frequent them. […]

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Flying baby

Surprise has a super power

by JoslynChase in Learning, Reading

Surprise has a super power. Do you know what it is? What surprise does for us is massively focus our attention.

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